Print Advertising

Traditional print advertising in newspapers and magazines is on the downturn due to the price/value equation. Since printing and distribution of newspapers and magazines is so expensive, the costs for advertising in them is prohibitive for most small to medium sized businesses.

Therefore, I seldom recommend advertising in those mediums and usually only do so if the publication is very specifically focused on my clients industry AND demographic.

As an example, If my client was a golf retailer in Indiana and a national golf magazine was running a special insert section for all of their Indiana subscribers, listing all of the Indiana golf courses, plus pro tips and profiles of local golf pros, then yes... I might like the idea enough to recommend that my client participate in the publication if the cost was reasonable. On the other side, if my client wanted to run an ad in a national golf magazine in a section under a state listing, then no. I'd rather see them spend their marketing dollars on a direct mail campaign to the Indiana subscribers of that golf publication.

Essentially, print advertising may occasionally have a small place in the marketing strategy (and budget) of small to medium sized businesses when carefully scrutinized to ensure it is reaching a tightly defined demographic.

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