Web Site Optimization for Search Engines

If your web site doesn't show up in the top 30 results of the leading search engines on the keywords and phrases related to your products/services in your target region you don't really have a web site!

There are thousands of "companies" that claim their ability to improve your search engine rankings, thereby improving your web site traffic, and hopefully your business.

  • Did you ever notice that they claim to be able to improve your rankings without ever touching your web site?
  • Did you ever notice that they want you to pay over and over again for these mysterious "improved rankings"?

Let me dispel the "Myths and Hype":

1) It is difficult to improve search engine rankings without working on the web site. There are several ways that your web site needs to be prepared for search engine indexing, including the site structure and navigation system, hidden "metatags", text content, external links to your site, etc. AND the metatags and text content need to be "tuned" to compete with the highest ranking competitors in the categories pertaining to your business. Its hard work, which is why so few people do it well. There is no way to automate the process. It is part art and part science and takes knowledge, patience, hard work and some experimentation to optimize web sites correctly.

2) Once the search engine preparation is done correctly, maintenance includes an occasional "tune-up" to match or beat the competition in your categories. Also, search engines will change their indexing practices from time to time and new techniques have to be employed to maintain (or regain) your rankings. These events are beyond our control, but we do our best to stay on top of the trends.

Here are a few success stories from my clients...

  • A warehousing company: After being in business since 1953, they were laying off employees and looking to downsize their warehouses. Conrad Marcom assisted them with design of a new web site and search engine optimization. Since 2003, their web site has been their primary source of leads for new customers. They report that their site provides a steady stream of good leads due to their high rankings in the major search engines. Rather than downsizing they are upsizing.
  • A hydraulics distributor: Conrad Marcom designed a web site that turned their business from a local distributorship to an international source for hydraulic replacement components. Their current run rate is $30,000 to $40,000 per month in sales from new customers all over the world through search engine traffic. This, on top of their local and regional business, has helped the company survive as their Indiana customer base has dimished due to economic downturn and industrail companies moving to foreign countries.
  • A Michigan resort complex was experiencing only 30% occupancy (break even). Their web site was ineffective and not ranked in the search engines. Conrad Marcom built them a new, optimized web site. Their occupancy is way up and their business is out of trouble even in the current economy.
  • Conrad Marcom built an optimized web site for an Indianapolis law firm that is now receiving good customer inquiries in the areas of employment law, tax law, and Indiana construction law.

I have many more clients that I have helped to survive and thrive. I would be happy to discuss how your business could benefit from improved search rankings. References are available upon request. 317-258-8608.